Company Profile


LECIEL Paris make up in the past was targeting the professional market of Beauty Salons & Spas and make up artists all over Europe and in the United States.

In 2007 LECIEL Company acquired a controlling interest in LECIEL Paris make up and redesigned the whole line making it more modern and fashionable, but at the same time maintaining its high quality. 

In some LECIEL products the preservatives are vitamins like for example vitamin E which is anti-oxidant, replacing any harmful chemicals.

Strategic wise sales focus shifted from the professional market to the wider cosmetics market and as a result LECIEL Paris products are now sold in prestigious chains of Pharmacies & Drugstores, Cosmetic shops and Department stores (Malls) in Europe, USA and in some countries in the Middle East.

LECIEL Paris is manufactured in France, Italy and Germany, keeping the highest standards in manufacturing methods and always using top quality European raw materials and packaging material.

LECIEL Paris’ goal is to keep its very high standards in quality, image & customer satisfaction and to be sold in prestigious stores having professional personnel as advisors.  In other words to be one of the most prestigious and quality brands in the middle priced market, called nowadays “MASTIGE” from the two words MIDDLE PRICE concerning price and PRESTIGE concerning quality and image.

LECIEL strategy is to sell only in a few very professional outlets having professional personnel and not to sell in every shop in town.   

Additionally LECIEL aims to continue to be popular for the very demanding customer who is always looking for the trend in colour, as LECIEL is one of the most serious opinion leaders in Paris.