Company Profile


The company was founded by Michael Kakoullis, a Chemist by profession with Doctorate in Business Administration and specialization in Marketing, who found his true calling when in 1982 he first started working at the Headquarters of a major Cosmetics company in Paris (LÓREAL).

Ever since Mr Kakoullis has been involved in the make-up industry acquiring vast experience and expertise. 

In 2003 he seized the opportunity to purchase the controlling interest in a French make up brand (LECIEL Paris). The company made serious structural changes in 2006 when Mr Kakoullis acquired 99% control of the company and moved its operations to Cyprus, establishing at the same time the new company name LECIEL CO LTD.

The company in order to maintain its competitiveness and technical edge closed its own laboratories but kept collaboration with a specific cosmetics laboratory that develops on its behalf all the cosmetics formulas. At the same time the company closed down its own manufacturing facilities and started 3rd party production of its product range in Europe (France, Germany and Italy) providing its own formulas and instructions.

The company maintained most of its distribution network in Spas and specialized Nail artists all-over Europe and gradually started re-designing the whole range of make-up products and started expanding Internationally in cosmetic shops, pharmacies/drugstores and department stores/malls.

Cyprus as the company’s business and operational centre was selected based on legal and Tax considerations. Cyprus is also the main distribution centre for all products as well as the finishing/assembly centre for a number of products.

The origin of the products is France (nail varnishes), Germany (pencils & eyeliners) and Italy (other make-up).

LECIEL policy is strictly export oriented in the sense that LECIEL does not desire to be present itself in the different countries but rather prefers to establish/appoint in each country a suitable master Distributor/s how will develop the sales of the products in their markets as they think best, within of course the International Marketing Policy of LECIEL.