Company Profile


LECIEL Paris make up in the past was targeting the professional market of Beauty Salons & Spas and make up artists all over Europe.

In 2007 LECIEL Company acquired a controlling interest in LECIEL Paris make up and redesigned the whole line making it more modern and fashionable, but at the same time maintaining its high quality.  

The vast majority of LECIEL Paris products contain vitamins and other active ingredients with beneficial properties to the skin and nails.

Strategic wise sales focus shifted from the professional market to the wider cosmetics market and as a result LECIEL Paris products are now sold in prestigious chains of Pharmacies & Drugstores, Cosmetic shops and Department stores (Malls) in Europe, USA and in some countries in the Middle East.

LECIEL Paris make up is manufactured in France, Italy and Germany.

LECIEL Paris’ goal is to expand slowly and gradually in all the countries of the world, maintaining the high image of the Brand, by offering to the consumers highly quality make up products at middle range prices.  

LECIEL company’s policy is strictly export oriented aiming at establishing in each country suitable Distributors who will develop the sales of the products in their markets, within of course the International Marketing Policy, guidelines and assistance of LECIEL.