203 Colour/Shades - Products

A collection of 203 colours in 4 different formulas.

All formulas combine long-lasting true colour with benefits of nail treatment due to a synthesis of active ingredients added to all formulas.  These ingredients and their actions/benefits are as follows:

Vitamin E: anti-oxidizing, hydrating ingredient to help nourish nails back to optimal condition

Vitamin F: hydrating ingredient to help improve nail suppleness

Vitamin B5: hydrating ingredient  to help nourish nails back to optimal condition

Calcium pantothenate: fortifying ingredient to help strengthen nails and restore suppleness and resistance to damage

Silicium: protects and reinforces the keratin of the nail and promotes nail growth Acrylic resin: waterproof ingredient to improve resistance to water penetration, protect both nails and colour coating, and extend gloss duration.

Available in 12ml (& 7ml).